Wealth Management

Gluskin Sheff is Onex’ exclusive wealth management platform and one of Canada’s pre-eminent wealth management firms. Since 1984, Gluskin Sheff hasmanaged portfolios for high net worth private clients as well as select institutional investors, including family offices, foundations, endowments and both public and private pension plans. We are committed to helping clients meet their long term goals by integrating wealth planning, a robust investment platform and the highest level of personalized service. As June 30, 2020, Gluskin Sheff clients had approximately $5.6 billion of fee-generating capital invested in public and private strategies.


Wealth Planning

Our wealth management service is underpinned by our thorough understanding of each client’s lifestyle, goals and overall financial picture. Through our wealth planning process, we gain the insights necessary to thoughtfully manage our clients’ investments and design a financial strategy to meet their goals and aspirations. Our Wealth Planning team also collaborates with client advisors (e.g. accountants, estate lawyers, insurance advisors) to ensure all elements of the clients’ financial situation are properly structured and aligned to meet their objectives.

Wealth Planning
WEALTH PLAN Life is complex and full of changes. A solid wealth strategy is more than just income and expenses, it focuses on your life and brings clarity to your financial path.

Investment Management

We are also long term investors and build portfolios designed to meet clients’ long term financial goals.

We combine Gluskin Sheff’s expertise in stock and bond investing with Onex’ excellence in private equity and private credit to offer a robust and diversified asset allocation platform. This enables us to build personalized portfolios for each client – combining the public and private investment vehicles suitable to their unique objectives, liquidity needs and risk profiles.

This sophisticated approach to asset allocation is typically only accessible to the world’s most successful institutions and wealthiest families.

Public Strategies


    Bottom-up research and a thorough assessment of a company and its management help drive investment decisions within our public equity strategies. We look for companies with long term growth and stability, a proven track record, shareholder-minded management and a share price that is trading below our estimate of intrinsic value. We offer various strategies focused on providing different income and return profiles across all market caps and geographies.


    Our fixed income & credit alternative strategies provide actively managed, global exposures in a non-equity correlated asset class. Our strategies are able to protect against interest rate risk, which in turn guards against the potential loss of capital that could occur if interest rates rise and, as a direct result, bond prices fall. In addition, we actively manage the credit and geographic exposures of each of our strategies. With a focus on absolute returns and low correlations to equity markets, these strategies form an important part of our clients’ asset mix.

Private Strategies


    Onex’ private equity platform focuses on acquiring and building high-quality businesses in in the United States, Canada and Europe across various market caps. With a focus on execution, rather than macro-economic or industry trends, long term value creation is our only goal.

  • Private Credit

    Onex Credit invests primarily in non-investment grade debt through its collateralized loan obligations, open-ended funds, direct lending and other credit strategies. We practice value-oriented investing, employing a bottom-up, fundamental and structural analysis of the underlying borrowers. We seek to generate strong risk-adjusted and absolute returns across market cycles.


Competitive Advantage

We are committed to providing our clients with a unique and unmatched experience. Our clients benefit from access to leading investment strategies, a sophisticated asset allocation approach, and a distinguished level of service.

Across the organization, Onex has 141 investment professionals with expertise in public and private markets. Gluskin Sheff leverages Onex’ global scale and relationships to partner with leading third-party investment managers to enhance client portfolios.

We complement our wealth management services with educational and lifestyle events focused on tax and estate planning, financial market trends, geopolitical insight and business leadership. We also strive to engage the next generation of our clients’ families in conversations about multi-generational planning, business succession and investing.

For further information on Gluskin Sheff, please visit gluskinsheff.com.