Transportation Partners

Onex Transportation Partners was formed in 2022 and is focused on investing in transportation-related assets used for road, rail, air, maritime and industrial applications. The strategy focuses on investments centered on hard assets with long lives, contractual cashflows and an element of inflation protection. We anticipate this approach will appeal to infrastructure and cash yield-oriented investors looking to rebalance into the physical economy.

Our strategy seeks to leverage Onex’ investment and transportation sector experience and our ability to identify and originate proprietary transactions. We believe the multi-trillion dollar transportation sector is poised to benefit from a number of secular trends including the growth of e-commerce, re-investment in supply chains and the adoption of new technologies. We expect to be well positioned to take advantage of compelling opportunities arising from these trends and our ability to partner for long-term value creation.

The transportation sector is one of the highest emitting sectors of the global economy. We will seek to leverage our decades of experience and incorporate environmental and sustainability factors in our investment approach, and to promote solutions contributing to decarbonization and more sustainable alternatives.

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