Portfolio of Investments

Throughout our history, Onex has owned a diverse portfolio of operating companies spanning a wide range of industry sectors.

  • Alliance Atlantis Communications

    Alliance Atlantis Communications

    Investment Date October 1994 - September 1999

    During Onex' investment period, Alliance Atlantis Communications was a publicly traded Canadian supplier of high-quality television and film entertainment to North American and international markets.

    Onex Corporation
  • Celestica


    Investment Date October 1996 - Present

    Celestica is a global provider of electronics manufacturing services.

    Onex Corporation
  • Clarivate Analytics

    Clarivate Analytics

    Investment Date October 2016 - Present

    Clarivate Analytics is an owner and operator of a collection of leading subscription-based businesses focused on scientific and academic research, patent analytics and regulatory standards, pharmaceutical and biotech intelligence, trademark protection and domain brand protection.

    Onex Partners
  • Emerald Expositions

    Emerald Expositions

    Investment Date June 2013 - Present

    Emerald Expositions is a leading operator of large business-to-business trade shows in the United States across 10 end markets.

    Onex Partners
  • Enertech Holdings

    Enertech Holdings

    Investment Date November 2019 - Present

    Enertech is a leading provider of wireless infrastructure services to telecommunications carriers and tower owners throughout the Southern, Central and Pacific Northwest regions of the United States.

  • Galaxy Entertainment

    Galaxy Entertainment

    Investment Date December 1998 - April 2009

    During Onex' investment period, Galaxy Entertainment was a developer of modern theatres in small and medium-sized markets across North America.

    Onex Corporation
  • Loews Cineplex Group

    Loews Cineplex Group

    Investment Date March 2002 - July 2004

    During Onex' investment period, Loews Cineplex Group was one of the world's leading film exhibitors, with theatres in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Spain and South Korea.

    Onex Corporation
  •  Onex Technology Investments

    Onex Technology Investments

    Investment Date September 1999 - September 2000

    During Onex' investment period, Onex Technology Investments provided seed capital and early-round financing to companies developing innovative electronic business-to-business solutions, e-business infrastructure and high-speed broadband applications.

    Onex Corporation
  •  Phoenix Pictures

    Phoenix Pictures

    Investment Date November 1995 - December 2000

    During Onex' investment period, Phoenix Pictures was a new motion-picture company based in Los Angeles.

    Onex Corporation
  • PowerSchool Group

    PowerSchool Group

    Investment Date August 2018 - Present

    PowerSchool provides best-in-class, secure and compliant online education solutions, which include the industry’s leading student information system and school finance, HR and payroll solutions.

    Onex Partners
  • Radian Communication Services

    Radian Communication Services

    Investment Date January 2001 - September 2007

    During Onex' investment period, Radian Communication Services was the leading North American provider of wireless communications infrastructure and integrated network solutions.

    Onex Corporation
  • sgsco


    Investment Date October 2012 - Present

    sgsco is a global leader in providing marketing solutions, digital imaging and design-to-print graphic services to branded consumer products companies, retailers and the printers that service them.

    Onex Partners
  • SITEL Worldwide Corporation

    SITEL Worldwide Corporation

    Investment Date April 1998 - September 2015

    During Onex' investment period, SITEL Worldwide Corporation was one of the world’s largest and most diversified providers of customer care outsourcing services.

    Onex Corporation
  • Sky Chefs

    Sky Chefs

    Investment Date May 1986 - December 1993

    During Onex' investment period, Sky Chefs was the world’s largest in-flight caterer with 138 flight kitchens in 29 countries on five continents, serving most of the world’s major airlines.

    Onex Corporation
  • Walter Surface Technologies

    Walter Surface Technologies

    Investment Date September 2018 - Present

    Walter is a leading provider of innovative solutions for the metal working industry.