Portfolio of Investments

Throughout our history, Onex has owned a diverse portfolio of operating companies spanning a wide range of industry sectors.

  • Advanced Integration Technology

    Advanced Integration Technology

    Investment Date December 2014 - Present

    Advanced Integration Technology (AIT), is a leading provider of automation, factory integration and tooling dedicated to the global aerospace, defence and space launch industries.

    Onex Partners
  • Armtec Limited

    Armtec Limited

    Investment Date August 2001 - July 2004

    During Onex' investment period, Armtec Limited was a leading provider of steel and high-density polyethylene products and engineered solutions for the Canadian civil engineering industry.

  • ASM Global

    ASM Global

    Investment Date January 2018 - Present

    ASM Global is the world’s leading venue management and services company.

    Onex Partners
  • Canadian Securities Registration Systems

    Canadian Securities Registration Systems

    Investment Date April 2004 - March 2006

    During Onex' investment period, Canadian Securities Registration Systems was the only provider of Personal Property Security Act registration and search services across Canada.

  • Celestica


    Investment Date October 1996 - Present

    Celestica is a global provider of electronics manufacturing services.

    Onex Corporation
  • Clarivate Analytics

    Clarivate Analytics

    Investment Date October 2016 - Present

    Clarivate Analytics is an owner and operator of a collection of leading subscription-based businesses focused on scientific and academic research, patent analytics and regulatory standards, pharmaceutical and biotech intelligence, trademark protection and domain brand protection.

    Onex Partners
  • Compagnie Générale de Géophysique

    Compagnie Générale de Géophysique

    Investment Date November 2004 - June 2005

    During Onex' investment period, Compagnie Générale de Géophysique was a leading global supplier of applied reservoir solutions, geophysical services and products to the oil and gas industry.

    Onex Partners
  • CSI Global Education

    CSI Global Education

    Investment Date January 2006 - November 2010

    During Onex' investment period, CSI Global Education was Canada's leader in financial education and testing services.

  • Emerald Expositions

    Emerald Expositions

    Investment Date June 2013 - Present

    Emerald Expositions is a leading operator of large business-to-business trade shows in the United States across 10 end markets.

    Onex Partners
  • Enertech Holdings

    Enertech Holdings

    Investment Date November 2019 - Present

    Enertech is a leading provider of wireless infrastructure services to telecommunications carriers and tower owners throughout the Southern, Central and Pacific Northwest regions of the United States.

  • EnGlobe Corporation

    EnGlobe Corporation

    Investment Date March 2006 - Present

    EnGlobe Corporation is the leading Quebec-based provider of integrated environmental and technical services and one of the leading firms in Canada and internationally.

  • EnSource Energy Services

    EnSource Energy Services

    Investment Date January 2000 - December 2003

    During Onex' investment period, EnSource Energy Services was a global provider of natural gas compression and power generation equipment and services.

  • International Language Academy of Canada

    International Language Academy of Canada

    Investment Date August 2019 - Present

    International Language Academy of Canada is a leading private English language school in Canada with campuses in Toronto and Vancouver.

  • KidsFoundation


    Investment Date November 2018 - Present

    KidsFoundation is a leading provider of childcare services in the Netherlands.

    Onex Partners
  • Pinnacle Renewable Energy

    Pinnacle Renewable Energy

    Investment Date May 2011 - Present

    Pinnacle Renewable Energy is the longest-established wood pellet producer in Western Canada.

  • PowerSchool Group

    PowerSchool Group

    Investment Date August 2018 - Present

    PowerSchool provides best-in-class, secure and compliant online education solutions, which include the industry’s leading student information system and school finance, HR and payroll solutions.

    Onex Partners
  • Radian Communication Services

    Radian Communication Services

    Investment Date January 2001 - September 2007

    During Onex' investment period, Radian Communication Services was the leading North American provider of wireless communications infrastructure and integrated network solutions.

    Onex Corporation
  • Ryan


    Investment Date October 2018 - Present

    Ryan is a leading global tax services and software provider.

    Onex Partners
  • sgsco


    Investment Date October 2012 - Present

    sgsco is a global leader in providing marketing solutions, digital imaging and design-to-print graphic services to branded consumer products companies, retailers and the printers that service them.

    Onex Partners
  • Survitec Group

    Survitec Group

    Investment Date March 2015 - January 2020

    During Onex' investment period, Survitec Group was a market-leading provider of mission-critical marine, defence and aerospace survival equipment.

    Onex Partners
  • Tecta America

    Tecta America

    Investment Date August 2016 - November 2018

    During Onex' investment period, Tecta was a leading national commercial roofing company offering installation, replacement and repair services.

  • WIS International

    WIS International

    Investment Date March 2003 - January 2007

    During Onex' investment period, WIS International was Canada’s largest inventory verification company.

  • Wyse Meter Solutions

    Wyse Meter Solutions

    Investment Date November 2018- Present

    Wyse Meter Solutions is a leading provider of innovative submetering and utility expense management solutions for the multi-residential, condominium and commercial markets in Canada.