Portfolio of Investments

Throughout our history, Onex has owned a diverse portfolio of operating companies spanning a wide range of industry sectors.

  • Advanced Integration Technology

    Advanced Integration Technology

    Investment Date December 2014 - Present

    Advanced Integration Technology (AIT), is a leading provider of automation, factory integration and tooling dedicated to the global aerospace, defence and space launch industries.

    Onex Partners
  • Allison Transmission

    Allison Transmission

    Investment Date August 2007 - June 2014

    During Onex' investment period, Allison Transmission was the world's largest manufacturer of commercial-duty automatic transmissions and hybrid propulsion systems.

    Onex Partners
  • Armtec Limited

    Armtec Limited

    Investment Date August 2001 - July 2004

    During Onex' investment period, Armtec Limited was a leading provider of steel and high-density polyethylene products and engineered solutions for the Canadian civil engineering industry.

  • Automotive Industries Holdings

    Automotive Industries Holdings

    Investment Date April 1990 - May 1992

    During Onex' investment period, Automotive Industries Holdings was a leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality interior trim systems and blow-molded products, primarily serving North American car and light truck manufacturers.

    Onex Corporation
  • AutoSource Motors

    AutoSource Motors

    Investment Date May 2018 - Present

    AutoSource is a used vehicle retailer specializing in branded title vehicles.

  • BBAM


    Investment Date December 2012 - Present

    BBAM is the world's leading dedicated manager of leased aircraft.

    Onex Partners
  • BSN Sports

    BSN Sports

    Investment Date August 2010 - June 2013

    During Onex' investment period, BSN Sports was an industry-leading marketer, manufacturer and distributor of sporting goods and team uniforms in the United States.

  • Caliber Collision Centers

    Caliber Collision Centers

    Investment Date October 2008 - November 2013

    During Onex' investment period, Caliber Collision Centers was one of the largest non-franchised collision repair operators in the United States.

  • Celestica


    Investment Date October 1996 - Present

    Celestica is a global provider of electronics manufacturing services.

    Onex Corporation
  • CMC Electronics Holdings

    CMC Electronics Holdings

    Investment Date April 2001 - March 2007

    During Onex' investment period, CMC Electronics Holdings was a world-class leader in the design, manufacture, sale and support of high-technology electronic products and systems for the military and commercial aviation markets.

  • Commercial Vehicle Group

    Commercial Vehicle Group

    Investment Date October 1997 - August 2004

    During Onex' investment period, Commercial Vehicle Group was a manufacturer and assembler of wiper systems, mirror systems and control components for the North American medium and heavy-duty truck market.

    Onex Corporation
  • Compagnie Générale de Géophysique

    Compagnie Générale de Géophysique

    Investment Date November 2004 - June 2005

    During Onex' investment period, Compagnie Générale de Géophysique was a leading global supplier of applied reservoir solutions, geophysical services and products to the oil and gas industry.

    Onex Partners
  • Cosmetic Essence

    Cosmetic Essence

    Investment Date December 2004 - May 2009

    During Onex' investment period, Cosmetic Essence was a leading provider of outsourced supply chain management services to the personal care products industry, including research and development, manufacturing, filling, packaging and distribution.

    Onex Partners
  • Davis-Standard


    Investment Date December 2011 - Present

    Davis-Standard is a global leader in the manufacture of highly engineered plastic processing systems.

  • Dayton Superior Corporation

    Dayton Superior Corporation

    Investment Date August 1989 - October 1995

    During Onex' investment period, Dayton Superior Corporation was the leading North American producer of construction accessories.

    Onex Corporation
  • Dura Automotive Systems

    Dura Automotive Systems

    Investment Date November 1990 - December 1996

    During Onex' investment period, Dura Automotive Systems was the leading manufacturer of cable-actuated control systems in the world.

    Onex Corporation
  • Edwards Baking Company

    Edwards Baking Company

    Investment Date October 1995 - September 2001

    During Onex' investment period, Edwards Baking Company was focused on developing high-value added food products for the food and retail market, mainly frozen ready-to-serve pies.

    Onex Corporation
  • EnGlobe Corporation

    EnGlobe Corporation

    Investment Date March 2006 - Present

    EnGlobe Corporation is the leading Quebec-based provider of integrated environmental and technical services and one of the leading firms in Canada and internationally.

  • EnSource Energy Services

    EnSource Energy Services

    Investment Date January 2000 - December 2003

    During Onex' investment period, EnSource Energy Services was a global provider of natural gas compression and power generation equipment and services.

  • Hawker Beechcraft Corporation

    Hawker Beechcraft Corporation

    Investment Date March 2007 - May 2012

    During Onex' investment period, Hawker Beechcraft Corporation was a business, special-mission and trainer aircraft manufacturer, designing, marketing and supporting aviation products and services for businesses, governments and individuals worldwide.

    Onex Partners
  • Hopkins Manufacturing Corporation

    Hopkins Manufacturing Corporation

    Investment Date June 2011 - Present

    Hopkins Manufacturing Corporation is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of proprietary branded products for the automotive aftermarket.

  • Husky International

    Husky International

    Investment Date December 2007 - June 2011

    During Onex' investment period, Husky International was one of the world's largest suppliers of injection molding equipment and services to the global plastics industry.

    Onex Partners
  • Imperial Parking Limited

    Imperial Parking Limited

    Investment Date March 1996 - April 1997

    During Onex' investment period, Imperial Parking Limited was one of North America's largest managers of parking lots and parkades.

    Onex Corporation
  • IntraPac


    Investment Date December 2017- Present

    IntraPac is a designer and manufacturer of specialty rigid packaging solutions including sticks, jars, vials, closures, spouts, bottles, tubes and metered dose inhaler can coating services.

  • J.L. French Automotive Castings

    J.L. French Automotive Castings

    Investment Date April 1999 - September 2005

    During Onex' investment period, J.L. French Automotive Castings was a leading designer and manufacturer of aluminum die-cast components and assemblies.

    Onex Corporation
  • JELD-WEN Holding

    JELD-WEN Holding

    Investment Date October 2011 - Present

    JELD-WEN Holding is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of windows and doors with operations in North America, Europe and Australasia.

    Onex Partners
  • Johnstown America Corporation

    Johnstown America Corporation

    Investment Date October 1991 - July 1993

    During Onex' investment period, Johnstown America Corporation was a leading manufacturer of coal, freight, and intermodal railcars.

    Onex Corporation
  • Johnstown Wire Technologies

    Johnstown Wire Technologies

    Investment Date December 1992 - July 1993

    During Onex' investment period, Johnstown Wire Technologies produced a variety of steel, zinc and aluminum wire, bar and rod products.

    Onex Corporation
  • KraussMaffei Group

    KraussMaffei Group

    Investment Date December 2012 - April 2016

    During Onex' investment period, KraussMaffei Group was a leading global provider of plastics processing machines across a broad variety of industries and technologies.

    Onex Partners
  • Magnatrax Corporation

    Magnatrax Corporation

    Investment Date May 1999 - December 2002

    During Onex' investment period, Magnatrax Corporation was a North American manufacturer and marketer of engineered steel building systems and components.

    Onex Corporation
  • Mavis Discount Tire

    Mavis Discount Tire

    Investment Date October 2014 - March 2018

    During Onex' investment period, Mavis Discount Tire was a leading regional tire retailer operating in the tire and light vehicle service industry.

  • Mister Car Wash

    Mister Car Wash

    Investment Date April 2007 - August 2014

    During Onex' investment period, Mister Car Wash operated 125 car washes and 32 lube centers in 13 regional markets throughout the United States.

  • Onex Packaging

    Onex Packaging

    Investment Date November 1984 - November 1988

    During Onex' investment period, Onex Packaging was one of Canada's largest manufacturers of rigid packaging.

    Onex Corporation
  • Performance Group

    Performance Group

    Investment Date May 1999 - December 2005

    During Onex' investment period, Performance Group was a leading supplier of automotive transport and logistics services in North America to automotive OEMs.

    Onex Corporation
  • Precision Global

    Precision Global

    Investment Date August 2018 - Present

    Precision is a leading provider of pressurized dispensing solutions across a diverse range of end markets, geographies, products and customers.

  • ProSource


    Investment Date June 1992 - April 1998

    During Onex' investment period, ProSource provided foodservice distribution services to chain restaurants in North America and purchasing and logistics services to the foodservice market.

    Onex Corporation
  • Purolator Courier

    Purolator Courier

    Investment Date April 1987 - November 1993

    During Onex' investment period, Purolator Courier was the clear leader in the time-sensitive transportation industry in Canada.

    Onex Corporation
  • RSI Home Products

    RSI Home Products

    Investment Date October 2008 - February 2013

    During Onex' investment period, RSI Home Products was a leading manufacturer of kitchen and bath cabinetry for the home.

    Onex Partners
  • sgsco


    Investment Date October 2012 - Present

    sgsco is a global leader in providing marketing solutions, digital imaging and design-to-print graphic services to branded consumer products companies, retailers and the printers that service them.

    Onex Partners
  • SIG Combibloc Group

    SIG Combibloc Group

    Investment Date March 2015 - Present

    SIG Combibloc Group is a world-leading provider of aseptic carton packaging solutions for beverages and liquid food.

    Onex Partners
  • Sky Chefs

    Sky Chefs

    Investment Date May 1986 - December 1993

    During Onex' investment period, Sky Chefs was the world’s largest in-flight caterer with 138 flight kitchens in 29 countries on five continents, serving most of the world’s major airlines.

    Onex Corporation
  • Spirit Aerosystems

    Spirit Aerosystems

    Investment Date June 2005 - June 2014

    During Onex' investment period, Spirit AeroSystems was one of the world’s largest independent suppliers of large component parts and assemblies for commercial aerostructures.

    Onex Partners
  • Survitec Group

    Survitec Group

    Investment Date March 2015 - January 2020

    During Onex' investment period, Survitec Group was a market-leading provider of mission-critical marine, defence and aerospace survival equipment.

    Onex Partners
  • Tecta America

    Tecta America

    Investment Date August 2016 - November 2018

    During Onex' investment period, Tecta was a leading national commercial roofing company offering installation, replacement and repair services.

  • The Delfield/Whitlenge Companies

    The Delfield/Whitlenge Companies

    Investment Date May 1991 - April 1994

    During Onex' investment period, The Delfield/Whitlenge Companies offered a top-quality line of stainless steel, custom-fabricated kitchen equipment, as well as ventilation hoods and reach-in refrigerators.

    Onex Corporation
  • TMS International

    TMS International

    Investment Date January 2007 - October 2013

    During Onex' investment period, TMS International was the largest provider of outsourced industrial services to steel mills in North America and had a substantial and growing international presence.

    Onex Partners
  • Tomkins Limited

    Tomkins Limited

    Investment Date September 2010 - July 2014

    During Onex' investment period, Tomkins Limited was a global manufacturer of belts and hoses for the industrial and automotive markets and a market-leading building products business.

    Onex Partners
  • Tower Automotive

    Tower Automotive

    Investment Date April 1993 - June 1996

    During Onex' investment period, Tower Automotive was the leading, high-quality manufacturer of automotive structural-steel assemblies and components.

    Onex Corporation
  • Venanpri Group

    Venanpri Group

    Investment Date June 2015 - Present

    Venanpri Group (formerly Ingersoll Tools Group) is a global leader in the manufacturing of high-precision consumable wear components embedded into agricultural soil preparation and seeding equipment implements.

  • Walter Surface Technologies

    Walter Surface Technologies

    Investment Date September 2018 - Present

    Walter is a leading provider of innovative solutions for the metal working industry.

  • WestJet


    Investment Date December 2019 - Current

    WestJet is Canada’s second largest airline, providing critical infrastructure to Canadians in the form of scheduled service to over 100 destinations in North America, Central America, the Caribbean and Europe.

    Onex Partners
  • WireCo WorldGroup

    WireCo WorldGroup

    Investment Date September 2016 - Present

    WireCo WorldGroup is a leading global manufacturer of mission-critical steel wire rope, synthetic rope, specialty wire and engineered products.

    Onex Partners