Why Invest in Onex?

Persistent Investment Returns

At Onex, we’ve developed a successful approach to private equity investing and applied it consistently over 37 years. As a result, we’ve outperformed the broader private equity market consistently over the long term. From our private equity activities, we have generated an average gross multiple of capital invested of 2.5x; resulting in a 27% gross IRR on realized, substantially realized and publicly traded investments.

Private equity as an asset class has consistently outperformed the broader equity markets. As control investors, we can effect change by driving important strategic decisions, improving efficiencies and focusing businesses on their core, and most profitable, activities.

Diversified Portfolio

Through its private equity and credit platforms, Onex invests in a diverse portfolio of companies spanning a range of industry sectors.

Profitable Asset Manager

Onex manages approximately $39 billion of invested and committed capital on behalf of institutional investors and high net worth clients from around the world. Managing this capital provides Onex with two significant benefits:

  • a committed stream of annual management fees on approximately $32 billion of assets under management; and
  • the opportunity to share in investors’ gains.

Strong Alignment of Interests

Critical to our success is our commitment to financial alignment. In addition to Onex being the largest limited partner in each private equity fund and having meaningful investments in our credit platform, our distinctive ownership culture requires Onex Management to have both a significant ownership in Onex shares and a personal investment in everything we do. As of September 30, 2021, our team had approximately $2.3 billion invested in Onex shares, Onex’ private equity investments, Onex Credit strategies and Gluskin Sheff products.