Wyse Meter Solutions


Based in Concord, Ontario, Wyse Meter Solutions (“Wyse”) is a leading provider of innovative submetering and utility expense management solutions for the multi-residential, condominium and commercial markets in Canada. Wyse’s range of high-quality services enables building owners, developers and managers to take charge of their utility expense by delivering environmentally sustainable and equitable suite submetering. The company has achieved exceptional growth with many of Canada’s largest real estate companies.

Active Ownership

ONCAP works closely with the company on the following initiatives:

  • Adding and enhancing landlord relationships across Canada
  • Expanding salesforce and grow in new end markets
  • Developing new value-added services for existing customer base
  • Lowering cost of capital through innovative financing solutions
  • Consolidating and growing addressable market

Investment Thesis

ONCAP was attracted to Wyse due to its: (i) market-leading position in a unique niche; (ii) high-quality customer service and analytical tools; (iii) significant embedded organic growth in the existing portfolio; (iv) highly predictable cash flows under long-term contracts; and (v) strong management team.