Environmental • Social • Governance

Onex has been a responsible investor for 38 years and views sound governance and good environmental and social practices as key tenets of successful investing.

“In our 1987 Annual Report – our first after going public – we wrote that a guiding principle of our firm is to invest in ‘living, breathing’ companies, not share certificates. We have always done well by investing responsibly and we believe that the environmental and social challenges facing our world make this even more important today.”
– Gerry Schwartz, Founder & Chairman


Our purpose is to invest wisely and help grow the businesses of the future. By investing our own capital and the capital of our investment partners from around the world, including public and private pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, insurance companies, family offices and high net worth individuals, we help investors achieve their financial goals for the benefit of their clients, beneficiaries, families, and communities. We recognize that investors, employees, and other stakeholders are increasingly prioritizing environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) factors, including those related to climate change, which is changing the way they invest, their purchasing decisions, and their choice of employers. Investing wisely means that we consider these changing priorities in our investment decisions and in how we manage our firm.

Our Approach

As a firm, we are committed to continuing to advance our ESG-related policies and practices, including developing a climate strategy for the firm. We have measured and purchased verified offsets for our 2021 operational scope 1, scope 2, and scope 3 business travel carbon emissions, and are in the process of measuring our 2022 operational emissions and scope 3 financed emissions. We are continually exploring tools to enable us to better measure ESG and climate risks and opportunities across our platforms. As we progress, we are exploring ways to provide more ESG disclosure to all of our stakeholders.

As an investor, we believe that integrating ESG factors into our investment process across all of our platforms can play a significant role in value creation by helping to identify business opportunities and risks.

Our Responsible Investment policy details how we integrate ESG considerations across our firm.

Our Commitments & Memberships

We believe that collaboration and engagement with leading sustainability organizations is critical and ensures our approach to responsible investment continues to reflect best practices.  Below are a few examples of organizations with which we have partnered.

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Sound Governance

As a public company, we are committed to delivering value for all of our stakeholders – our shareholders, investors, employees, operating companies and the communities in which we operate. Responsible governance throughout Onex and across our platforms is fundamental to the success of our organization. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of good governance, which builds trust and confidence in our stewardship of capital. We maintain a robust set of corporate governance policies which include a Code of Conduct and Ethics and policies relating to conflicts of interest, technology use and cybersecurity, diversity and inclusion, and anti-harassment. Our policies are supported and reinforced throughout the firm through ongoing employee training and quarterly compliance certifications. More details on Onex’ governance are available here.

Our executive team ensures that our material ESG factors, which include our approach to responsible investment, transparency, business ethics, sound risk management, and diversity and inclusion, are identified and managed and that progress is reported to our board.

Diversity & Inclusion

Onex recognizes that a diverse team and inclusive environment is a competitive advantage and contributes to our continued success as an investor and asset manager. We believe that diverse perspectives create better business outcomes for us and our stakeholders, including the companies we invest in, our shareholders, investors and clients, as well as the communities we serve.

Onex’ commitment to diversity and inclusion includes increasing our focus on attracting and retaining employees from diverse backgrounds, creating additional awareness of diversity issues and benefits, fostering and inspiring a more supportive environment where inclusivity is expected and prioritized, and embedding accountability for diversity throughout the firm.

Onex’ Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Council, which is co-chaired by our CEO and our Head of Shareholder Relations and Communications, includes representation from across all business platforms and geographies. The Council is responsible for championing diversity and inclusion across the firm, including supporting the development and success of Onex’ employee resource groups.

Onex is proud to be a signatory of the Institutional Limited Partners Association’s (ILPA) Diversity in Action initiative, a program that unites limited partner and general partners who share a commitment to advancing DE&I in private equity.








Onex in the Community

Corporate social responsibility is a cornerstone of our culture at Onex. Our firm, together with the companies we own and in which we invest, play important roles in our communities. We believe strongly in giving back to those communities through corporate social responsibility initiatives and philanthropy. We encourage all of the companies we own, or in which we invest, to be responsible corporate citizens and to engage constructively with their communities. We also believe that these initiatives engage employees, strengthen firm culture and have a positive impact on society.

We encourage and support Onex employees to be charitable, by donating their time and through financial contributions, to important causes in our communities. Onex team members across our Toronto, New York, New Jersey, Boston and London offices directly participate in local charitable causes and community-based initiatives. Through our Onex Cares program, we match employees’ financial donations to charities of their choice. Many Onex team members, both senior and junior, also volunteer in leadership roles of numerous charitable boards and committees. Below are a few examples of our community giving and participation.