Onex Credit has a successful 20-year track record executing a disciplined approach to credit investing with a focus on capital preservation and strong risk adjusted returns through credit cycles.

We invest primarily in non-investment grade credit with strategies focused on both private and public credit investments through tradeable, private and opportunistic strategies as well as actively managed public equity and public credit funds. By offering a variety of strategies in various credit asset classes, we believe we are able to capitalize on synergies across both the Onex credit and private equity platforms. At Onex Credit, we believe our sourcing capabilities and collective data intelligence help to better inform our investment decisions and dynamically manage our portfolios in varying market conditions. This method allows us to meet the diverse needs of institutional and high net worth investors and to tailor investing strategies to such needs. We practice value-oriented investing, employing a rigorous bottom-up, fundamental and structural analysis of the underlying borrowers, coupled with active portfolio management, to continually seek to optimize portfolio positioning.

With a robust investment team of 91 investment professionals, including 21 public portfolio managers, we are able to research and invest in a diverse set of public and private alternative credit investments that provide various income and return options to our investors.

At June 30, 2021, the platform managed approximately $23 billion of assets across its various strategies including $6.9 billion of Gluskin Sheff client capital. Onex has $851 million of capital invested in its credit strategies.


Competitive Advantages

With a disciplined approach to investing and a focus on capital preservation, Onex Credit has earned investor confidence and grown rapidly. Our credit platform benefits from a deep and seasoned team with experience investing across multiple market cycles and economic environments. Onex Credit has access to vast industry expertise among Onex’ private equity professionals as well as Gluskin Sheff’s investment grade credit and public equity investment professionals, and enjoys a sharing of knowledge and experience among the three investment teams. With the resources of a large institution and an integrated platform, we believe our investment strategies benefit from robust sourcing options and an analytical edge.

In addition, Onex Credit enjoys the benefit of being part of a well-capitalized sponsor. Onex and the team are well-aligned as significant investors in all of our strategies.



Our strategies target investments in tradeable, private and opportunistic credit that offer a broad risk/return profile for our investor base. Across the firm, we offer our investors a variety of strategies that invest in diversified portfolios of credits throughout an issuer’s capital structure to meet their specific return objectives.

Tradeable Credit


    Collateralized Loan Obligations (“CLOs”) are leveraged structured vehicles that hold a widely diversified asset portfolio funded through the issuance of long-term debt in a series of rated tranches of secured notes and equity. Onex launched its CLO platform in 2012 and has issued 25 CLOs as of July 31, 2021.


    The High Yield Credit Strategy is focused primarily on investing in bonds that are rated below investment grade. This strategy seeks to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns that outperform the ICE BoAML US HY Index through a full credit cycle. The strategy aims to preserve capital by avoiding credit defaults and dampen volatility by dynamic positioning in response to market conditions.


    A diversified long-only strategy, focused primarily on first-lien, senior secured loans employing a prudent leverage. This strategy seeks to generate attractive returns that outperform the Credit Suisse Leveraged Loan Index.

Opportunistic Credit


    A flexible “all-weather” mandate that can tactically shift between secondary trading opportunities and private/originated transactions depending upon the market backdrop. This strategy is unconstrained by ratings, asset class or liquidity as it pursues attractive risk-adjusted returns. We seek to employ an active “drive-the-outcome” approach, rather than a passive value investing approach, while being focused on downside protection, upside optionality and an identifiable path to deliver value.


    We believe our integrated global credit platform is well positioned to invest in Structured Credit. We bring broad fundamental levered credit analysis in the U.S. and Europe, in-depth distressed credit capabilities, and strong structured credit analytics and sourcing capabilities to our Structured Credit investing. We seek to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns with some downside protection and current income (vehicle dependent) across the entire CLO capital structure from equity to investment grade notes. Target investment opportunities are CLOs, CBOs and related structured transactions.

Private Credit


    Onex Falcon employs an opportunistic approach to originating and executing solution-oriented private credit investments. For over two decades, we have provided specialized solutions to our borrower clients in the U.S. and Canada through mezzanine, direct lending, unitranche and structured financings. Onex Falcon was formed in December 2020 through the combination of Falcon Investment Advisors (“Falcon”) and Onex Credit, combining Falcon’s significant experience in specialized private credit investing with the scale, global distribution, and diverse investment and origination capabilities of Onex Credit and the broader Onex franchise.



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