Onex Credit has a successful 19-year track record executing a disciplined approach to credit investing with a focus on capital preservation and strong risk adjusted returns through credit cycles. We invest primarily in non-investment grade debt through collateralized loan obligations, open-ended funds, direct lending and other credit strategies. We practice value-oriented investing, employing a bottom-up, fundamental and structural analysis of the underlying borrowers. We seek to generate strong risk-adjusted and absolute returns across market cycles.

At June 30, 2020, the platform managed approximately $12.2 billion of assets across its various strategies, of which $676 million is Onex shareholder capital.



Our strategies include investments in leveraged loans and senior secured and unsecured high-yield bonds. Across the firm, we invest in a diversified portfolio of credits in various sectors and parts of the capital structure. Our credit platform runs a variety of strategies that offer a broad risk/return profile for our investor base.

Leveraged Loans


    Collateralized Loan Obligations (“CLOs”) are leveraged structured vehicles that hold a widely diversified asset portfolio funded through the issuance of long term debt in a series of rated tranches of secured notes and equity. Onex launched its CLO platform in 2012 and has issued 23 CLOs as of June 30, 2020, of which three have been substantially realized.


    This strategy invests in senior secured loans and other loan investments in private equity sponsor-owned portfolio companies and, selectively, other corporate borrowers. Direct lending is a natural extension of Onex Credit’s business and leverages the firm’s infrastructure and knowledge of the loan market.


    Senior Floating Income Strategy is a long-only, unlevered strategy, focused on first-lien, senior secured loans.


    Senior Credit Strategy is a long-only strategy, focused primarily on first-lien, senior secured loans employing low to no leverage.

High-Yield Bonds

  • High Yield Strategy

    The High Yield Strategy (TSX: FAO) is a TSX-listed exchange-traded fund with an actively managed portfolio consisting of high-yield bonds and senior secured loans. The fund seeks to maximize long term risk-adjusted total returns, delivered through cash distributions and capital appreciation, in a manner consistent with preservation of capital and prudent risk management by actively investing in fixed income securities.


Competitive Advantages

With a disciplined approach to investing and a focus on capital preservation, Onex Credit has earned investor confidence and grown rapidly. Our Credit platform benefits from a deep and seasoned team with experience investing across multiple market cycles and economic environments. As well, Onex Credit has access to vast industry expertise among Onex’ private equity professionals and enjoys a sharing of knowledge and experience between the two investment teams.

In addition, Onex Credit benefits from being part of a well-capitalized sponsor. Onex and the team are well-aligned as significant investors in its credit strategies.