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Founded in 1984, Onex invests and manages capital on behalf of its shareholders, institutional investors and high net worth clients from around the world. Onex’ platforms include: Onex Partners, private equity funds focused on larger opportunities in North America and Europe; ONCAP, private equity funds focused on middle market and smaller opportunities in North America; Onex Credit, which manages primarily non-investment grade debt through collateralized loan obligations, direct lending and other credit strategies; and Gluskin Sheff’s actively managed public equity and public credit funds.

In total Onex’ assets under management today are approximately $36 billion, of which approximately $6.0 billion is shareholder capital.

With offices in Toronto, New York, New Jersey and London, Onex and its experienced management teams are collectively the largest investors across Onex’ platforms.


Assets Under Management ($36 billion)

Onex Investing Capital

$6.1 bn
  • Private Equity
  • Cash & Near-Cash Items
  • Credit
  • Real Estate & Other Investments

Client Capital

$29 bn
  • Pensions
  • FoF & Asset Managers
  • Banks & Insurance
  • Family Office & High Net Worth
  • Sovereign Wealth Funds / Governmental
  • Endowments & Foundation
  • Other

Onex by the Numbers

35 Years

36 years

Founded in 1984.

37 billion

$36 billion

We have approximately $36 billion of assets under management, including Onex’ shareholder capital.

$51 billion

$45 billion

The Onex Partners and ONCAP operating companies have assets of $45 billion and generate annual revenues of $25 billion.

Onex Employment


The Onex Partners and ONCAP operating companies employ approximately 165,000 people worldwide.



Onex’ private equity investing has generated a gross multiple of capital invested of 2.5 times and a 27% gross IRR on realized, substantially realized and publicly traded investments.


32% CAGR

Onex’ assets under management in our credit business have grown from $380 million in 2007 to $12.2 billion as of June 30, 2020