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Why Partner with Onex?
Onex focuses on creating long-term value by building industry-leading businesses in partnership with outstanding management teams. We pursue businesses with world-class core capabilities and strong free cash flow characteristics where we have identified an opportunity, in partnership with company management, to effect change and build market leaders. As an active owner, we are focused on execution theses rather than macro-economic or industry trends with the goal of creating long-term value for Onex and our investors.

The Company is guided by an ownership culture focused on achieving strong absolute growth, with an emphasis on capital preservation. With an experienced management team, significant financial resources and no debt at the parent company, Onex is well-positioned to continue to acquire and build businesses.


An Entrepreneurial Philosophy
We are a relatively small team of entrepreneurial owner-managers. We expect our businesses to be run by their management teams with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Substantial Financial Resources
With approximately $22.7 billion of assets under management, a significant cash balance and no debt at the parent company, Onex is able to pursue opportunities quickly.

Proven Track Record
We have built more than 85 operating businesses in our 32-year history, generating a 28% gross IRR on capital invested in private equity.

An Experienced and Committed Team
Our executive committee has an average tenure of 25 years at the Company. Our experienced and committed team offer the management teams of our businesses the breadth and depth of their experience in acquisitions, integration, negotiations, strategy and financing that has successfully generated our 32-year track record.

Extensive Network of Relationships
Our deep network of business and strategic relationships gives our companies an edge in growing their businesses.

Industry Leadership
A company must have the clear potential to become a leader in its industry or segment.

Opportunity for Growth
We look for opportunities where a company can achieve substantial growth, either in a rapidly growing industry or in a mature industry where there is potential for consolidation.

Strong and Committed Management Team
A company must have a strong and committed management team that is willing to make a meaningful personal financial commitment to the business.