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Why Own Onex?
Onex is one of the oldest and most successful private equity firms and a leading asset manager.

Over 29 years, we have generated exceptional returns for shareholders and rapidly grown our assets under management. And while we can offer no guarantees of future performance, we believe there are certain facts about Onex that should be considered as part of an investment decision:

Attractive acquisitions, active ownership and timely realizations have enabled us to generate a 28% IRR on realized and publicly traded investments since 1984, with low volatility in our results – an extraordinary track record.

Our shares have generated a 15% annual compound return over the past 20 years.

As an active owner, Onex has built more than 75 businesses, completing approximately 440 acquisitions with a total value of approximately $50 billion.

We have grown our assets under management since 2002 and now manage approximately $19 billion of assets. 

As a manager of funds, we earn management fees that offset our corporate expenses. We earned management fees of $112 million in 2013.

We also have the opportunity to earn a carried interest in the profits of our limited partners that can augment the return we achieve on Onex’ invested capital. To date, Onex has received total carried interest distributions of $315 million and continues to have a carried interest on $12 billon of Other Investors' assets under management.

There has been low turnover in our management team over the past 29 years. Our managing directors have an average tenure of 14 years. Learn more.  

Onex management is unambiguously aligned with our shareholders. Learn more

Strong and regular share repurchases. Learn more.

Onex shares have significantly outperformed all major market indices over the short and long term. Learn more