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The Warranty Group
Industry: Insurance Provider
Investment date: November 2006
Acquired by: Onex Partners I, Onex Partners II
Investment: $488 million(1) /
$154 million from Onex
Ownership: 91% / Onex' portion is 29%
Status: Unrealized
Head office: Chicago, Illinois
Annual revenues (2013): $1.2 billion
(1) The investment is split almost equally between Onex Partners I and Onex Partners II.

The Warranty Group, Inc. is one of the world’s largest integrated underwriter and administrator of extended warranties on a wide variety of consumer goods, including automobiles, consumer electronics, medical devices, fitness equipment, power tools, appliances and home systems. The Warranty Group also provides credit insurance and other specialty insurance products. It operates with over 1,800 employees and with operations and offices in 30 countries. The Warranty Group was formerly a division of Aon Corporation.