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Onex Principles and Values
At Onex, a set of simple operating principles and management values guide our activities and establish clear standards by which our companies are to be run. Whether you are an employee, a manager, limited partner or shareholder, these ideas are what you can expect when working with Onex.


Shareholder Value
We work to increase the value of Onex' assets and seek to have that value reflected in Onex’ share price.

We recognize that Onex owns operating businesses, not just share certificates. Our responsibility is to assist and encourage our companies in the entrepreneurial building of their businesses.

Managers should be owners. Each of us has committed a significant portion of our personal net worth to the Company. The managers of each Onex subsidiary must have a meaningful personal financial interest in their company. In this way they can earn the rewards of entrepreneurship and share the risks of ownership.

The Long View
We base our operating decisions on the assumption that if a company is good enough to buy, it is good enough to be vigorously developed for the long term.

Acquisitions are made in partnership with the purchased company’s management team. 

Our subsidiaries are shaped in the image of the person at the top. Successful businesses are built by successful leaders. The most important decision we make for a subsidiary is the choice of its chief executive. We believe the effectiveness of a management team is often in inverse proportion to its size.

Risk Management
As managers, it is our responsibility to identify and manage business risk. As shareholders, we require an appropriate return for the risk we accept. Diversification by industry, geography and asset type is a deliberate strategy at Onex, and one we believe will smooth the effect of business cycles over the long term.

Onex and its subsidiaries recognize the need for responsible environmental management and a commitment to the communities in which we operate. It is our responsibility to provide forthright reporting to shareholders and limited partners. We will communicate fully and promptly about problems and opportunities facing the Company or its subsidiaries. 

Integrity is our overarching principle. We honour our commitments, act according to our stated values, and hold ourselves and our employees to the highest ethical practices.

We strive to deepen our bench strength by attracting and promoting the very best men and women. We measure performance with honesty, provide coaching where needed and create opportunities for people to show their potential.

Rewards should match performance, so individual performance in meeting objectives, creating value and strengthening the team is rewarded in direct proportion to achievements. Those who do not perform or live our values are asked to seek other work.

We continually look for ways to collapse the time required to make and implement decisions. We improve the speed and effectiveness of our decisions by encouraging the free flow of information from all parts of the organization.

We use best practices, industry benchmarking and aggressive budgeting as a base from which to challenge the highest targets for operating performance and value creation. Individuals should “dream the big dream” and not be penalized for coming up short on stretch targets.