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Onex Credit
NameTitle Location
Michael Gelblat Chief Executive Officer, Chief Investment Officer and Director New Jersey
Stuart Kovensky DirectorNew Jersey
Steve Baker Portfolio ManagerLondon
Kevin Connors Portfolio ManagerNew Jersey
Walter Jackson Portfolio ManagerNew Jersey
Paul Marhan Portfolio ManagerNew Jersey
Paul Travers Portfolio Manager New Jersey
Sanjay Ghandikota Senior Research AnalystNew Jersey
Andrew Scheffer Senior Research AnalystNew Jersey
Nicole Torraco Senior Research AnalystNew Jersey
Brian Werner Senior Research AnalystNew Jersey
Fraser Brown Research AnalystLondon
Adey Delbridge Research AnalystNew Jersey
Nilesh Mandhare Research AnalystNew Jersey
Rekha Nayar Research AnalystNew Jersey
Priya Rangarajan Research AnalystNew Jersey
Jamie Russell Research Analyst New Jersey
Valerie Shapiro Research AnalystNew Jersey
Matas Vala Research Analyst London
Zoë Werner Research and Marketing CoordinatorNew Jersey
Steven Gutman General Counsel and Chief Compliance OfficerNew Jersey
David Stemkowski Compliance OfficerNew Jersey
Josh Spierer Chief Financial OfficerNew Jersey
Daryl Phills Director of OperationsNew Jersey
Yehudah Bermish Operations AnalystNew Jersey
Himan Choksi Operations AnalystNew Jersey
Jinita Desai Operations AnalystNew Jersey
Svetlana Goldman Operations AnalystNew Jersey
Jeffrey Lefkowitz Operations AnalystNew Jersey
Andrew Walker Operations AnalystNew Jersey
Jason Yoo Operations AnalystNew Jersey
Stephen Allen Managing DirectorToronto
Jerome Thomas Managing DirectorNew Jersey
Cindy Daniel Consultant, CLO Structuring New Jersey