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Hopkins Manufacturing
Industry: Automotive Aftermarket Products
Investment date: June 2011
Acquired by: ONCAP III
Investment: $44 million /
$13 million from Onex
Ownership: 89% / Onex’ portion is 26%
Status: Unrealized
Head office: Emporia, Kansas

Hopkins Manufacturing Corporation ("Hopkins") manufactures and markets a diverse range of more than 4,600 SKUs across seven primary product categories: Towing Electrical, Winter Care, Automotive Cleaning, Fluid Handling, Storage & Organization, RV Tow Brake and Other Accessories. The company’s products are sold under proprietary brand names that include Hopkins®, Carrand™, SubZero®, BrakeBuddy®, FloTool®, GoGear®, nVISION®, Juice Performance™ and Mr. Funnel®.