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Hawker Beechcraft
Industry: Aircraft and Aftermarket
Investment date: March 2007
Acquired by: Onex Partners II
Investment: $537 million /
$212 million from Onex
Status: Substantially realized
Head office: Wichita, Kansas

Hawker Beechcraft Corporation was a business, special-mission and trainer aircraft manufacturer, designing, marketing and supporting aviation products and services for businesses, governments and individuals worldwide.  The company was formerly a division of Raytheon Company.

The decline in the general aviation industry over the past few years resulted in Hawker Beechcraft Corporation (“Hawker Beechcraft”) being unable to meet certain of its financial obligations. During the second quarter of 2012, Hawker Beechcraft filed for bankruptcy protection in the United States. As a result, Onex no longer exerts significant influence over Hawker Beechcraft. On February 15, 2013, Hawker Beechcraft exited bankruptcy. As part of the restructuring, Onex has a nominal equity interest in the company.