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Environmental Policy
Onex is committed to the concept of sustainable development, which requires balancing good stewardship in the protection of human health and the natural environment with the need for profitable growth of its operations. In recognition of this, the Company and its subsidiaries have adopted a comprehensive, proactive environmental protection policy that reflects its belief in sustainable development combined with environmental sensitivity. The following principles are basic to achieving this environmental objective:
  • Carry out sound operational and management practices to ensure facilities are in compliance with all applicable legislation providing for the protection of the environment, employees and the public.
  • Maintain an active self-monitoring program to ensure compliance with government and company policy.
  • Continue to assess available technology to reduce environmental effects and implement improvements beyond compliance levels where economically viable.
  • In the absence of legislation, to apply cost-effective management practices to advance environmental protection and to minimize environmental risk.
  • Improve communications and work proactively with government, employees and the public to promote awareness and develop fair, economically viable, realistic laws to protect the environment.
  • Where appropriate, encourage and participate in cooperative research for new, better, cost-effective solutions to environmental obstacles.
  • Continually update the Board of Directors and report annually to shareholders, regulators and the public on the Company’s performance in carrying out its environmental responsibilities and programs during the year.